Love Letters to Atlanta


We’re So Thankful.

Revel Forces officially launched in October but we didn’t consider it legitimate until we celebrated properly.

We’re now legitimate.

Our launch party was all we could have hoped it could be, mostly because we’ve got people who are willing to brave below-freezing temps to walk to an undisclosed location without asking too many questions. So thanks to those people: you make our dreams come true on the regular.

We paraded, we ate, we hugged, we danced, we reveled. And every moment was the best.

rf launch collage

Thank you to the Black Sheep Ensemble for the BeltLine parade.
Thank you to Atlanta Proper for serving as our host venue.
Thank you to Nadia Marie for bringing her beautiful voice and harp.
Thank you to Brandon English for capturing the day on video (to be posted here soon!)
Thank you to Taria and the crew at Sugar Coated Radical for the best hot chocolate to ever pass our lips.
Thank you to our family and friends for helping cook, clean, arrange flowers, set up, and keep us sane.

And thank you to all of you. Whether you were there or not, we felt your love.

rf photobooth

We can’t wait for 2014.

Check out all of our guest’s photos here on Facebook and our photobooth shots here.

Ready for Launch.

Revel Forces Launch Invitation


This Sunday we’ll be doing our most favorite thing: celebrating.

And we’d love for you to join us! It’s just a little get-together to show folks a snippet of the Revel Forces life, and to get some hugs in with friends old and new. We promise it’ll be worthy of your Sunday afternoon.

We’re keeping the exact location hidden until party time, but RSVP to to find out the proper meeting spot. Hope to see you there!

Happiness hustlers, at your service.

Well, hello! For those of you that know us, you’re probably thinking “finally!” For those of you who don’t know us, you’re probably confused. So, hello. We’re Kathleen and Vanessa, most recently known as Revel Forces. And we’re here to celebrate with you. vee and kiki

What brought us here? A heck of a lot of theme parties. We love throwing them, attending them, and obsessively creating costumes for them. But our love of celebrations doesn’t require a theme or costume: in our five years of friendship we’ve coordinated engagement pop up parties, spring flings, and impromptu gatherings at fast food restaurants donned in our finest black tie attire. Okay, there was only one of those, but we’re not afraid to do it again. And that was just in our free time: in our professional lives we’ve tackled social media, promotion, events for 1000+ attendees, fundraising, photography, branding, graphic design, and more.

rf collageBut perhaps most importantly, we love Atlanta. We *really* love Atlanta. As in, we’ve managed to get our closest friends and family to move here. And guess what? They love it too.  We’re some of the city’s biggest cheerleaders and can’t wait to introduce all of the people and places we love to our clients. We’re not just about events: we’re about community, connections, and celebration. And we’re ecstatic to be here.